Greater Poland Energy Valley at the 1st Heat and Gas Forum

On June 22-24, 2021, the first edition of the Heat and Gas Forum was held in Warsaw, the theme of which was the role of gaseous fuels in the transformation of the Polish heating industry. Greater Poland Energy Valley, represented by Mr. Paweł Adamow, Deputy Mayor of Konin, was the partner of this event.

The forum was organized to create a place for the exchange of information and experiences regarding the transformation of the heating industry and the introduction of the so-called "Green gases", i.e. hydrogen and biomethane.

In the second part of the Forum, in the presentation entitled "Greater Poland Energy Valley - Hydrogen as the fuel of the future" Mr. Paweł Adamów, Deputy Mayor of the City of Konin, presented the city's investment plans in the field of public transport based on hydrogen. He emphasized the need for energy transformation of the area included in the Greater Poland Energy Valley, as well as raised the issues of financing own contribution by local governments in projects implemented in the next few years.

In the discussion panel entitled "Sources of financing transformation in heating in the context of the use of fuels of the future - biomethane and hydrogen as a solution for the transformation of heating and gas industry", which took place after all speeches and presentations planned for the second part of the Forum, the possibility of using hydrogen in heating and transport was discussed, including its using as part of the economic transformation of Eastern Greater Poland, economic promotion of the Greater Poland Energy Valley in relation to subregional smart specializations.

During the discussion on financing municipal investments in the field of energy transformation, Mr. Paweł Adamów emphasized the need for changes to increase the level of financing them from external sources, quoted "when it comes to financing the energy transformation of the state, we really have little time. Because taking into account all the funds that will come to us in a moment, or the next EU perspective (...) the National Reconstruction Plan, which is to be issued as soon as possible (...), or even the Just Transition Fund, that is also supposed to be released in a few years, in fact we have a maximum of 5-7 years to convert billions of euros into technologies that we know little about (...) worst of all, we have no potential in the form of our own contribution."

Apart from the Deputy Mayor of Konin, the discussion panel was attended by: Mr. Michał Piwowarczyk, Deputy Director of the Public-Private Partnership Department at the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, Mr. Artur Michalski, Vice-President of the Board of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Mr. Leszek Goli, Director of the Industrial and Energy Construction Department of BUDIMEX Inc., Mr. Jacek Jaworski, Oil and Gas Institute Director, Paweł Okoński, Director of the Ecological Project Financing Office, Bank for Environmental Protection Inc. and Mr. Andrzej Bodyra, Vice President of the Management Board of Energy Market Agency Inc. The discussion panel was chaired by Mr. Wojciech Jakóbik, Editor-in-Chief of