Together with enterprenuers at the Konin Business Meeting

Another promotional campaign of the "Wielkopolska Dolina Energii" brand is behind us. This time we were partners of the second edition of the Konin Business Meeting conference, i.e. meetings of entrepreneurs, representatives of the business environment and local governments from the Konin subregion.

As part of the Konin Business Meeting, discussion panels and speeches were held, during which experiences in conducting business in the time of the coronavirus pandemic and the current international situation in Eastern Europe were exchanged.

Piotr Korytkowski - the president of Konin during the discussion panel "Eastern Wielkopolska - stay or leave?" Opportunities and threats for business in the region ”emphasized the importance of training of human resources for the region. He emphasized that this should be a response to the needs of the local labor market. He also spoke, inter alia, on streamlining administrative procedures in dealing with local government matters.

In the second part of the conference, workshops on business internationalization were held, i.e. on companies entering foreign markets, as well as on the future of the Eastern Wielkopolska region, promoting companies in modern media and dealing with threats to the image. The speech of Paweł Adamow - Deputy Mayor of Konin for economic affairs concerned the brand of "Wielkopolska Valley of Energy" and the activities carried out so far to promote our region on foreign markets. Five entities were distinguished that last year cooperated with the Konin local government as part of the promotion of the "Wielkopolska Valley of Energy". The winners were: Beata Wieliczko VN CONSULTING, ENERGIA EKO sp.z o.o., KARLOS OZE sp.z o.o. sp. komandytowa, FHU "GRACJAN" Artur Tomicki, Konińska Izba Gospodarcza.

Congratulations to all the distinguished!