Report from the Fair of Renewable Energy Sources "New Energy in the Region"

Thirty-one exhibitors, including seven from abroad, participated in the two-day Renewable Energy Sources Fair "New Energy in the Region", which took place at the Educational and Lecture Center of PWSZ in Konin at ul. Popieluszko. The event was also a forum for exchanging experiences and views of entities operating in the renewable energy industry.

The Greater Poland Energy Valley RES Fair was opened by President Konin, Piotr Korytkowski. Welcoming the guests, he pointed out that Eastern Wielkopolska is currently undergoing the process of economic, energy and social transformation, which results from the assumptions about the cessation of electricity production from lignite mined by 2030 and the achievement of climate neutrality in the region in 2040.

The RES fair was accompanied by lectures and an expert panel. The first speaker, Michał Rejewski, coordinator of the Just Transition Area of ​​ARR Transformacja Sp. z o. o. Konin, spoke about the just transition of Eastern Wielkopolska. Piotr Cofałka, Deputy Director for Research and Development, Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, spoke about the process of transformation of coal regions. In turn, Michał Bieda, the deputy mayor of Bytom, discussed the role of local government in the transformation of post-industrial areas on the example of Bytom. In the lecture by Grzegorz Wiśniewski, the president of POLISYSTEM Hi Tech, the importance of security in modern renewable energy systems was raised. The first block of lectures was closed by Zygmunt Suszka, head of the Energy Analysis Department at ZE PAK SA, who spoke about green hydrogen at ZE PAK SA. After the coffee break, Kinga Świtalska, the energy advisor of WFOŚiGW in Poznań, talked about "Sources of financing investments in renewable energy sources". The first day of the fair ended with an expert panel on "Renewable energy sources and modern energy technologies, including hydrogen, the future of Eastern Wielkopolska. Verification of environmental technologies of the European Union ”.

On the second day of the fair, Przemysław Kozłowski, the regional sales director of Bruk-Bet PV, broadly discussed the topic of new photovoltaic technologies and their impact on the development of the PV market in Poland. The issue concerning the impact of renewable energy investments on the development of the electromobility sector in Poland was presented by Monika Kisiel from the Investment Center of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. On behalf of the mayor of Turku, Ms Olga Przybył discussed the activities of the Turkish Business Incubator.

At the end of the fair, exhibition prizes were awarded - "RES Leader 2021". The main prize was awarded to Biomasa Partner Group Sp. z o.o. The awards were given to the companies Sazet Sp. z o.o., Giosan s.c., Artdom Serwis Michał Mielczarski and Eltar Energy Sp. z o.o.

We invite you to the next edition of the fair in the first half of 2022.