Report from the Fair of Renewable Energy Sources "New Energy in the Region"

Behind us is the second edition of the Fair under the slogan "New Energy in the Region", which took place in the auditorium of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Konin at ul. Przyjaźni 1. Dozens of exhibitors from the renewable energy industry, including ten companies from abroad, participated in a two-day fair during which they had the opportunity to establish cooperation, exchange experiences
and get to know the Wielkopolska Valley of Energy.

The fair featured detailed information for entrepreneurs and extremely interesting discussions that touched upon topics important to the industry. One of the panels was attended by parliamentarians who spoke about the current legislative work. The next panel focused on the possibilities of using renewable energy sources and the latest technologies in Eastern Wielkopolska. It was emphasized that the region has great potential and willingness to change, but lacks adequate funding. There is also information about what will happen with the largest employer in the area, i.e. the Pątnów - Adamów - Konin Power Plant Complex. President Woźny emphasized that in times of crisis and horrendous prices for heating and electricity, the energy produced from sun and wind is free and it is worth using it. During two fair days, specialists informed about financing green investments and programs offered to entrepreneurs. There was also talk of energy storage, hydrogen, energy security and biogas plant services. Representatives of the Małopolska Marshal's Office informed about the advisory project for SPIN entrepreneurs, and representatives of the Poznań Science and Technology Park and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency spoke about their activities to support the RES sector.

The most important point, crowning the two-day fair, was the presentation of statuettes in the competition “Wielkopolska Dolina Energii. Leader of RES 2022 ”, which was carried out by the City Hall in Konin and the Regional Development Agency in Konin. The jury decided to award four awards, which went to: ARIS GROUP from Konin, AKORD by Krzysztof Krzymiński from Kazimierz Biskupi, Firma Usługowo-Handlowa EL-MAT Mariusz Matuszak from Imielno, commune of Zagórów and FILTRO-TECH Jacek Majewski from the town of Kania, commune Ostrowite. The main prize of the "RES Leader 2022" was awarded to the company ENERGA EKO from Konin, and the statuette from the hands of President Piotr Korytkowski was received by: Adam Tycz and Michał Sznycer.

In conclusion, President Piotr Korytkowski emphasized that these fairs are used to establish cooperation between companies located in Eastern Wielkopolska
with foreign ones and that internationalization of business is a very important task
in creating a common brand which is Wielkopolska Dolina Energii.

Another Renewable Energy Sources Fair in Konin next year!