Power Plant Complex Pątnów – Adamów – Konin Inc. (ZE PAK SA) - an energy concern, so far producing energy mainly from lignite, decided to adopt the directions of the strategy, according to which the last electricity produced from coal will flow at the end of this decade. In the coming years, ZE PAK will generate more and more energy from renewable energy sources, and after the end of coal mining, only green energy will be produced. An important direction of the new ZE PAK strategy is the production and use of hydrogen.

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The main directions of development of ZE PAK in the next 10 years:

  • phasing out of coal production - the fastest and the shortest time in Poland, i.e. 20 years earlier than the assumed climate neutrality of the European Union,
  • production of wind energy - construction of wind farms on reclaimed land owned by the ZE PAK Group,
  • solar energy production - construction of photovoltaic farms in reclaimed areas owned by the ZE PAK Group,
  • production of energy from biomass and production of green hydrogen - incl. adaptation of coal boilers for biomass combustion at the Konin Power Plant. An important area of ​​the Konin power plant activity is to be the production of green hydrogen in the electrolysis proces,
  • production of energy from biogas - building a network of local agricultural biogas plants in areas related to cattle and pig farming, mainly in Eastern Greater Poland,
  • other initiatives, such as, for example, production of zero-emission buses - concept development and implementation of an innovative hydrogen city bus production project or production of zero-emission hydrogen drives for motor boats - creation of a hydrogen drive project in cooperation with a partner specialized in the construction of motor boats.


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