Greater Poland Energy Valley at the 6th edition of the DISE Energy Congress

On October 7-8, 2020, the 6th DISE Energy Congress took place in Wrocław, the institutional partner of which was the Greater Poland Energy Valley, represented by Mr. Paweł Adamów, Deputy Mayor of Konin.

The theme of this year's Congress was the European Green Deal initiative, according to which Europe will become the first climate neutral continent by 2050. The aim of the Congress was to discuss the development of models for the transformation of the Polish energy sector, increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy in relation to the "European Green Deal".

In the panel entitled "Hydrogen technologies in energy", attended by Paweł Adamów, Deputy Mayor of Konin, electromobility, hydrogen storage and legislative challenges in implementing hydrogen technologies were discussed. In the context of the energy transformation of Eastern Greater Poland and the economic promotion of our region in the area of ​​renewable energy and smart specializations, the brand of the Greater Poland Energy Valley was presented.

When asked by the moderator of the panel, Mr. Tomoho Umed, Chairman of the Hydrogen Technologies Committee of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, whether the local government can afford the hydrogen transformation, Mr. Paweł Adamów, Deputy Mayor of Konin, pointed to the role and great importance of the private sector in our region operating in the field of energy, quoted „transformation is a multi-threaded thing and the main burden is taken by the private entity Power Plant Pątnów Adamów Konin". He emphasized that local governments should also invest in hydrogen projects, and to what extent this will happen depends on the regulations and legislative trends in the country. In the near financial perspective for the years 2021-2027, local governments, including Konin, will be able to obtain funds for the implementation of infrastructure in the field of hydrogen supply. Local governments will use hydrogen technologies mainly in public transport, and the City of Konin has specific plans in this regard, because already in 2022 it plans to purchase the first hydrogen-powered bus, and in the following years to continue investing in such train. In addition, the city has already issued the first environmental decision for the creation of a hydrogen refueling station.

Apart from the Deputy Mayor of the City of Konin, the discussion was attended by: Mr. Radosław Kwiecień, Member of the Management Board of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Mr. Grzegorz Dobra, President of the Management Board of Siemens Energy Poland, Mr. Krzysztof Kochanowski, President of the Management Board of Hydrogen Polan, Mr. Kamil Wyszkowski Representative and President of the Council of UN Global Compact in Poland and Mr. Krzysztof Hnatio, President of the Management Board of Gas Storage Poland.