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Public-private Partnership

Activity Incubator (Dom Zemełki)

Description :

The project assumes the creation of the Activity Incubator in Konin - the public space which will allow for the realisation of cultural activities, meetings, workshops, and events. The project will consist of the reconstruction and development of the unutilised tenement house, located in Konin, on Plac Wolności 16, called “Dom Zemełki”. The object was entered into the register of immovable monuments of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. It is the oldest brick-built site in Konin. After the modernisation and development, the building will serve the social purpose. It will also become a space for the realisation of the duties concerning the social economy.

The project focuses on the development of the cultural and social offer, connected with the organisation of various forms of leisure. According to the design and cost documentation of the building, the development and reconstruction of “Dom Zemełki” includes:

a) replacing “Dom Zemełki”’s roof truss for a new one, created out of wood, keeping the original form,

b) adapting the attic of “Dom Zemełki” for it to function as a hostel and connecting it to the adjacent building which hosts the COP,

c) remodelling of the ground and first floors for them to be used as offices and meeting rooms, as well as the adaptation of the basement for the exhibit and educational purposes,

d) constructing of a two-story pavilion to function as a lecture hall on the ground floor, and hostel on the first floor, as well as functionally connecting the new wing of the building with the existing one, using a glass staircase which will communicate all the levels of the building and serve as an emergency route at the same time.

Additional informations :

The creation of the Activity Incubator will allow for the realisation of social and cultural activities, which, among others, will include exhibitions, concerts, meetings with artists, amateur theatre plays, workshops or outdoor cinema. Additionally, the number of events, integration projects, NGO and informal groups’ meetings will increase. There will be a possibility of leasing the office and workshop spaces. The hostel availability will also increase. The realisation of said activities will be possible only after the modernisation and adaptation work, according to the cost and design documentation for the remodelling of “Dom Zemełki”. Currently, the overall body of the building is L-shaped, covered with a gable roof. It is a three-story building, with a basement and partially useful attic. The height of the building, from the ground, is around 13.5 m. The cellars are divided into three groups of rooms with separate entrances at the back; currently, they do not have any connection with the floors above the ground. You can access the basement by three separate concrete staircases. The building has one wooden staircase which communicates the storeys above the ground. There is also a staircase to the attic, which was attached later.

Currently, the building is not adapted for the needs of people with disabilities. The plot is connected to the water network and sewage system, has access to electricity, telephone and teletechnical network, as well as the central heating systems, which due to the planned investment, will be rebuilt. Since 2014, the building has not been utilised - it does not have any equipment. “Dom Zemełki” neighbours with a tenement house, in which the NGO centre is located.

Sector :
The service sector of social nature, culture
Project status :
Project prepared for the realisation, the investor has all the necessary permissions and complete technical documentation.
Estimated value of the project :
Around 12 000 000 PLN