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Construction of a new municipal cemetery located at Marantowska Street in Konin

Public-private Partnership

Construction of a new municipal cemetery located at Marantowska Street in Konin

Description :

PGKIM LLC in Konin estimates that burial sites will be depleted in around 3 years. Hence, the construction of a new municipal cemetery, by the resolution of the city council nr 871 from November 29th, 2014, was included in the Long-term Investment Plan of the CIty of Konin for 2015-2020 as an investment task “Construction of the municipal cemetery located at Marantowska Street in Konin”.

The plot allocated for the cemetery is located in the northern part of Konin, between Road 25 (Przemysłowa Street) and railroad siding. A small watercourse can be found in the northern part of the plot, along Marantowska Street, in the south and east, the plot borders with a forest and in the west with Gajowa Street. The area is located around 100 m from the residential buildings at Gajowa Street, and around 150 m from industrial buildings. The plot is connected to the water supply system. Access to the public road is possible from Marantowska, Gajowa and Przemysłowa Streets through the adjacent parcels. The surface area of the plot - 20.0251 ha (100%) - no existing buildings, arable land, the length of the plot around 820 m, around 400 m in the widest spot. Plot nr 312/2, in the shape of an irregular polygon.


Additional informations :

Initial expectations towards the new cemetery:

● Projected construction area (4 to 5 buildings): around 2.300 sq m (for example, administration building, funeral parlour with a chapel, outbuilding, crematory)

● Paved surface - inner pavements of around 53.300 sq m

● Burial surface - 11.0635 ha = 110.635 sq m

● The expected useful life of 100-150 years

● Investment staging opportunities


Potential profits for the private partner:

● The public partner has a plot for investment and administers “Concept of the spatial development of the municipal cemetery plot in Konin” for possible use/modification, and has all other “technical” documents, including geological examination,

● The private partner will run business activity on the cemetery grounds after completing the investment,

● The private partner will have a possibility of benefiting from cemetery fees (burial sites, grave rights, formal and legal actions regarding burial or exhumation, permits and supervision over grave placement, renting the ceremonial hall, morgue and additional service fees (for example crematory).

● Long term contract which provides financial viability and guarantee of return on investment,

● Cooperation with a reliable partner such as a public body.

Sector :
Municipal services
Project status :
Ready concept of spatial development, geological examination, searching for investors
Estimated value of the project :
10 000 000.00 PLN