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Modernisation and redevelopment of the Amphitheatre “Na Skarpie” in Konin

Public-private Partnership

Modernisation and redevelopment of the Amphitheatre “Na Skarpie” in Konin

Description :

After finishing the investment, the quality of experience for both artists and spectators of the amphitheatre will improve. The site will be equipped with a big stage with an easy access road. The object will be canalised and heated. It will provide modern dressing and rehearsal rooms and sanitary facilities for the spectators, together with the facilities for the disabled, elders, and mothers and children.

The auditorium will be equipped with comfortable seats (around 4000) and roofing (2500 sq m of the auditorium’s area). The investment will increase safety and the spectators’ quality of experience by protecting them from different weather conditions.

Improving the quality of experience will allow for lengthening of the cultural season and broadening of the cultural offer, including the commercial offers.

Additional informations :

The reopening of the amphitheatre will cause the revival and development of this part of the city, for example, by utilising and developing the river banks (boulevard), connecting the right-bank part of the town with the insular area (expected to be revitalised) and creating service and retail outlets.

Thanks to the redevelopment of the amphitheatre, the quality of the cultural offer (including the commercial offers) will improve because of:

● The possibility for organisation of more prominent and complex cultural events, due to the construction of the big stage, which Konin currently lacks,

● The possibility for further development of existing recurring cultural events,

● The improvement of the quality of experience of the cultural events, due to the auditorium and stage roofing, new light fixtures and stage sound system,

● The removal of architectural barriers for people with disabilities,

● The increase of parking space,

● The possibility of creating catering facilities (bar, restaurant).


Sector :
Culture and entertainment services
Project status :
Searching for investors
Estimated value of the project :
No data