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Public-private Partnership

Social-Economic Activation Centre

Description :

The project consists of the creation of Business Incubator, a place which supports innovative and creative people in their market activity, at the same time being a space for cultural and integrational activities for the inhabitants. The realisation of the project includes the reconstruction and renovation of currently unutilised (since June 2012) building (segment A) located at Wojska Polskiego 2b. The building is L-shaped, has three floors above the ground and a basement and is not connected to the utilities. The total usable area above ground is 1121.16 sq m, and the area of the basement is 239.71 sq m. The building is equipped with the following technical installations: electrical systems (including sockets and light fixtures), municipal cold water system, hot water from the electric continuous-flow water heaters, sanitary sewage connected to the drainless tank, central heating system, heating water from the central heating unit, telecommunication installations, fire protection installations, together with smoke detectors, CCTV systems with the motion sensors, in some of the rooms gravity ventilation and air conditioning. The building will serve young entrepreneurs who plan to develop their interests and hobbies, which will impact the development of entrepreneurship. The creation of the Centre will fill the gap in the city’s infrastructure offer dedicated to the micro and small businesses and will contribute to the social activation. The Centre’s mission will be to cooperate closely with the institutions of business and the creative environment and, by extension, to support the creative and innovative projects and enterprises operating in this sector. The main aim of the project is to provide the conditions for the economic development of the revitalisation area “Starówka”. The first zone would be dedicated to the youngest entrepreneurs and those who plan to start their own companies in the open coworking area (office desks to rent, lease of the conference rooms). The other one would be organised in the form of cubicles for the developing companies from the creative and innovative industries. What is more, it is planned to support the young entrepreneurs and those who plan to run their own business by offering training and workshops about different aspects of running your own company. The Social-Economic Activation Centre will also serve as a space for the local community - inhabitants, activists and organisations. Gathering different entities in one place will require the space to be organised in such a way, that it will serve all the needs of its users.

Additional informations :

The common spaces will be organised to foster the development of informal connections between the users, creating an atmosphere of cooperation and providing the possibilities for the exchange of experiences. The cafe will serve such a purpose as well. Workshops and other recurring activities will take place in the building, as well as some other incidental happenings, such as recitals, book signings, exhibitions, lectures, debates etc. The rooms will be available also to the NGOs, the senior citizens club, the young from the M-Lab project and other people interested in the social initiatives. The project has vital importance for the revitalisation process in Konin and the economic development of the city. It will allow for the development and realisation of the ideas for the professional and social independence of the inhabitants. It will foster the development of entrepreneurship. It will contribute to the economic revival of the revitalisation area “Starówka”, as well as to the creation of new workplaces.

Sector :
The service sector of social-economic nature
Project status :
Planned for realisation. The analysis of the necessity of creating the Social-Economic Activation Centre within the revitalisation area, based on the potential of the building located at Wojska Polskiego 2b in Konin, has been done.
Estimated value of the project :
Around 15 000 000 PLN