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Public-private Partnership

The construction of a municipal beach Konin-Łężyn

Description :

The central part of the project, due to the direct access to the Pątnów Lake and it being a part of the water trail Wielka Pętla Wielkopolski (namely, it starts behind the sluice in Konin-Morzysław; the canal continues towards the north, up to the Pątnów sluice and further to the Pątnowskie Lake), will be located in the northern district of the city of Konin, on the plot of the total area of around 7.75 ha.

The investment plans take into consideration the potential use of the existing stadium (plot number 199/1, 200/1 with the total area of 2.8 ha). They also include the possibility of building an ice rink (30m x 60m) on the City of Konin’s plot with the total area of 1.0066 ha, in place of an existing building.


Within the scope of the project, it is planned to:

- build the marina which will become a port for small vessels,

- develop the waterpark which will enhance the tourist offer,

- remodel the amphitheatre - the space for local cultural events (festivals, concerts, meetings, etc.) or the outdoor cinema during summer.

- modernise the existing stadium and create an ice rink, as an alternative enhancement of the sports and leisure offer in winter months.

Additionally, it is planned to create the possibilities for the development of the service and catering facilities, in the form of lodging, small-scale catering, retail etc.

Additional informations :

The plots are currently owned by Krajowy Ośrodek Wsparcia Rolnictwa (KOWR). However, draft legislation, which will allow KOWR to sell or transfer the plots for the benefit of the local government, is being processed. Based on the suggested changes in the legislation, to be able to develop the project, the city of Konin is going to apply for the ownership of said plots.

The planned investment, due to its local character, constitutes an attractive leisure offer for the city. It will become the space for active recreation, sports, including watersports, as well as an educational centre and area for cultural events. In the neighbouring area, the closest space of similar character is located in Ślesin, 21 km from the city of Konin.

The City of Konin’s local government plans, as part of the investment:

- to construct a promenade alongside the shore and eastwardly, for around 1.4 km,

- to create the supporting infrastructure, such as technical infrastructure (including the utilities) and traffic and communication systems, together with parking lots.

Sector :
Project status :
Project is in the conceptual stage. The realisation of the project requires a feasibility study and the preparation of the development and cost estimate documentation.
Estimated value of the project :
Around 120 000 000 PLN