Types of support for companies from Eastern Wielkopolska

Companies from Eastern Wielkopolska, operating in the following industries:

- renewable energy sources and modern energy technologies (RES industry),
- tourism (tourism industry),
- bio-based raw materials and food for conscious consumers (food industry),
-interiors of the future (manufacturing industry),
- industry of tomorrow (metal and electrical industry),
- specialized logistic processes (logistics industry),
- ICT-based development (ICT industry - information and communication technologies),
- modern medical technologies (medical industry)

in the years 2021 - 2022 they will be able to use the following support under the Wielkopolska Valley of Energy project:

1. Participation as an exhibitor in the Fair of Renewable Energy Sources - "New Energy in the Region" organized by the City of Konin (the fair is planned for 2021 and 2022).

2. Participation in international fairs abroad (trips to the fairs are planned in 2021 - 2 trips and in 2022 - 1 trip).

3. Participation in the incoming missions of representatives of foreign entities and / or experts in Eastern Wielkopolska (4 more missions are planned in 2021 and 2022).

4. Possibility of using expert and advisory services in the field of internationalization at the Regional Development Agency in Konin.

5. Possibility to participate in international economic events: economic forums, working meetings, fairs or study visits to foreign companies.

6. Possibility to post information important for the Wielkopolska Valley of Energy and the development of the region in line with subregional specializations on the dedicated website www.wde.org.pl.

7. Possibility to use the database of investment offers of Wielkopolska Dolina Energii - www.wde.org.pl/baza-ofert.

8. Participation in conferences, meetings, information and promotion events on the Wielkopolska Dolina Energii brand and the energy transformation of the region.

9. Possibility of using the Wielkopolska Dolina Energii brand to promote its offer on the domestic and foreign market.

Companies interested in additional information on planned events under the project "Construction and promotion of the Wielkopolska Dolina Energii brand" please contact us:

Wielkopolska Valley of Energy
Investor Service Office,
Investor Assistance Department. City Hall
Pl. Wolności 1,
62-500 Konin
tel. +48 63 240-12-34
e-mail: info@wde.org.pl or magdalena.jankowska@konin.um.gov.pl


Regional Development Agency S.A. in Konin
ul. Zakładowa 4,
62-510 Konin
tel. +48 63 245 30 95
e-mail: arr@arrkonin.org.pl